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Top 5 List: Best & Easiest Mixed Drinks For Your Next Summer Party

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Every hostess knows that the key to a good party starts with the decor but ends with the drinks. Having great-tasting drinks is the cornerstone of every party; even if the drinks are virgin!

Jungle juice, though it is super easy to make and great at high school back yard parties in the '90s, is NEVER a good idea. I've had many friends try and fail to make a jungle juice that is "better" than the last. With corona running rampant, lets just all agree to throw the jungle juice away with our old face masks.

Renting out a bartender for your event is a nice touch, but many people just don't want to pay that extra money. With that in mind, here are some quick and easy drinks that you and your guests can make with little hassle.

5. Spiked Lemonade

Though this may seem adolescent, it was an absolute hit at my last backyard party! Everyone was sipping away on a classic summer drink and kept going back for seconds. The drink took 2 minutes to make and left my guests wanting more. I simply used water, lemonade mix, and vodka and put it in a gorgeous outdoor glass so they could pour at their leisure.

If you want to take it a step further, I had mason jars and striped straws for all my guests to use. I also had some assorted fruit lying beside the drink so they could garnish it with flavors and toppings! The cups made the aesthetic of the party look magnificent and I even let my guests take home the mason jars as a party favor.

For an extra thank you to your designated drivers or if you have children attending, you can also make a regular lemonade and have guests add their own liquor on the side!

4. Mojito Pitcher

A good mojito is 100% a crowd-pleaser. It is one of the best drinks if you make it properly. This is why I hate making mojitos individually; there is way too much room for error. Instead, I opt for the classic mojito pitcher. This was a lifesaver at the parties because I didn't have to worry about constantly bringing out limes, sugar, etc.

I have done some flavored ones in the past but thought it best to stick with the original just in case the flavors don't go over well with my crowd. However, if you think you can handle the pressure of flavors... more power to you! (if you have any good ideas jot them down in the comments below!)

If you want to see a recipe for mojitos by the pitcher, click the picture above for a great recipe from

3. Sex on the Beach

I know, I know this is BASIC. But this classic mixed drink is always fun at parties. These drinks, at least in my opinion, are so easy to whip up and so much fun to drink. You can really never go wrong with a sex on the beach. I think the color and the fun nature of the drink makes it perfect for bachelorette parties. Click the picture to see a recipe from

2. Raspberry Fizz

One of my favorite new finds. This drink is a quick mix and is super delicious for you champagne lovers out there. I think this drink is great for weddings and for people who like fruitier, more "hidden alcohol" kinds of drinks! Click the picture for a super easy recipe from

There is also a recipe that is non-alcoholic. The kids at my parties went nuts for this drink and ask for it constantly when they come to my house. Here is a great recipe for the virgin raspberry fizz:

Shameless Plug: This would go great with our adorable champagne cart!

1. The Madras

The Madras is my all-time favorite mixed drink. It is so simple to put together and my friends go crazy when I break out the mixers to start making their drinks. All you need is some cranberry juice, orange juice, and vodka. I make it individually for my guests when there aren't too many. But for my larger parties, I make a pitcher and it is incredible how quickly it goes! Click the picture above to see a recipe from

Extra: Slushie Machine

A slushie machine is my new MUST HAVE and favorite thing to have at a party. It was so simple and so delicious. I used the machine to place in piña colada and strawberry daiquiri mix and added some water... they lasted me and my 30 guests all night! My guests still cannot stop asking me about it. It is definitely a must if you want to spice up your party.

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