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Welcome to Crème de la Cart!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

We can only assume that you stumbled upon our blog becuase of your passion for extraordinary parties... so welcome!

This is the hub for all things extravagant. We know that throwing the perfect party or event is hard and even stressful. We often wished for someone to help us find the unique new thing for our get-togethers. Here, we want to help every host and hostess who wants to spice up their parties and leave their guests wishing the party would never end. We are dedicated to helping you add that aesthetically pleasing factor your guests are expecting.

We are passionate about event planning and would love to help those with the same drive and passion that we have. So... stay tuned! We hope to give you some amazing ideas and new twists that will take your party from great to unforgettable! Remember... It’s the little pretty and bubbly things that keep your guests wanting more.

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